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Cars undergo antibacterial treatment and are equipped with antiviral masks for visiting public places.

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Mercedes-Benz S560 AMG Coupe

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $499from $449from 399
5500 сс Automatic


Mercedes-Benz W223 S-Class 2021

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
20216000 cc Automatic


Mercedes W140 S600

Кол-во дней1-34-1415-25
Ценаот $299от $269от $229


Mercedes-Benz S-class W222 S63 AMG 4matik

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $299from $279from $259
5500 сс Automatic



Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $249from $229from $199
5500 cc Automatic


Mercedes-Benz G63AMG 5.5 BiTurbo Hrafit

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $349from $299from $249
5500 cc Automatic


Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $399from $349from $299
6000 cc Automatic


Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $599from $499from $399
6200 cc Automatic


Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2017

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $189from $169from $149
20172500 cc Automatic

Car park

Our services


Rent and hire

You can rent cars of the best brands in Kiev and Ukraine.


Driver services

An experienced and professional driver is at your service.



Fast and comfortable transfer to stations, airports, hotels.


Auto escort

For the most demanding customers, Business Car Rent.

Car rental with driver

Daily, hourly or long-term car rental with a driver is a great way to be mobile in a metropolis without extra costs for buying and maintaining a premium or business class car.

Kiev is a large dynamic city with a heavy traffic, jams, tangled old city streets and problems with parking spaces. For a business person is not only important to be on time everywhere, but also to keep up with their image. With a luxury car rental with a driver provided by the company “Business Car Rent” you will be comfortably traveling around the capital and outside the city, including to the airport.

Executive car rental with driver – prestigious, comfortable and securely

This service is more expensive than taxi rates with cars of the same class. But this comparison is relevant for one-time trips only. If you need to spend the whole day in the city for business meetings, we recommend the experienced drivers with a car for the full day service.

Considering the lost time for each next taxi calling, the fee for the car, the probability of inexperience of a taxi driver who will not be able to find the best route for you to avoid traffic jams, renting a car with a driver will eventually become much more profitable. The reputational losses in case of being late for a meeting with business partners, missed flight due to downtime in traffic jams or spoiled mood due to the uncomfortable taxi car are the main factors in favor of renting executive cars with the driver.

Luxury car with driver – transfer for city guests and regular VIP service

This service is available in our company both on a one-off and permanent basis. Luxury car rental with driver is:

  • comfortable and prestigious transfer of VIP-persons between the airport and the city ;
  • transport service for business partners who arrived in Kiev for a short period;
  • transport service for solemn events;
  • regular daily service for top-management of the companies.

Car rental can be hourly or monthly. The conditions of this transport service are loyal enough to choose the best option for each individual case. Our various fleet of vehicles also help us to do this.

Long-term car rental with a driver for a month with an option to extend the order for the next period gives an ability to rationalize the budgeting of such costs without having to pay for useless downtime of the rented car.

Buying executive-class cars is considered a bad tone among European business people, if it is known that the vehicles will be used rarely. The maintenance and servicing of luxury cars is as expensive as the cars themselves. Car rental for an hour or a day is the optimal solution for airport pick-up of dear guests or for special events.

How can I rent a car with a driver?

We will find the most suitable car for you with the driver. We offer cars of different brands, equipment, size and price category. The rent price of a car with a driver depends not only on the brand, model and class, but also on the rental period. The price of a car with a driver for a day can be twice as much as one day of rental when ordering a long-term rental service.

Safety guarantees

All luxury rental cars are in perfect technical condition. The cars are new and regularly undergoing thorough maintenance with the replacement of original supplies and worn-out spare parts. With the rental car with driver service you can be sure of total safety of vehicle. The cabin is also regularly cleaned. Due to this, our clients feel safe and comfortable in the rented car.

Passenger safety is also ensured by our experienced professional drivers of business and executive rental cars. Medical check-ups, many years of experience in accident-free driving and a high culture of working with VIP-passengers are the guarantees of our service quality. You can also order a rental car with a driver as a one-time transfer to or from the airport.

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