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Premium Class

Premium class

Daily or long-term premium car rent is a comfortable and safety transport service for VIPs. You can vehicle hire with or without a driver.

Premium car rental will allow you to keep on the move and drive around Kiev with the usual comfort, if your personal luxury car got into a traffic accident or it needed repair.

Premium car rental with driver

Such service will be an alternative to VIP taxi. You do not depend on the workload of the taxi agency and always are sure the car is waiting only for you and ready to go on demand.

Using a premium car rental with driver you can book a comfortable and safety transfer from the airport to Kiev and back. You can order this service remotely while still in another country or another city in Ukraine. The luxurious rental car will be brought to your arrival.

Premium car rental with driver is also suitable for arriving at a high society event. Premium cars are not only comfort and safety, but also prestige, which has an important part in the business community.

Corporate premium car rental

Premium cars are not always a luxury, but a standard vehicle for top management, top politicians or celebrities. Using a rented premium car for corporate needs has many benefits over such a car owned by the company.

You can use a rented premium car for top managers of the company, as well as for business partners who came to Kiev on a business trip, to move around the city and beyond.

Purchasing an expensive luxury car in Europe is considered a waste of money if it is known that the vehicle will be used very rarely. Maintaining and servicing even a luxurious car in idle condition is as expensive as buying it.

The premium-class corporate car rental does not require complicated fuel accounting calculations. In accounting terms, it is easier and more profitable to solve the transport problems of the company by renting cars. There is no need to keep records of the distance covered and to calculate depreciation. Such payments are recorded in the accounts as third-party services.

Our fleet, prices and vehicle technical condition

“Business Car Rent” offers premium car rentals of most popular brands:

  • classic executive Mercedes-Benz S-class models, etc.;
  • prestigious Maybach 575;
  • luxurious Bentley Continental.
  • Aston Martin Rapid is a favorite car of “Agent 007”.

Every premium cars was produced not earlier than 2009 and is in excellent technical condition. Every vehicle is regularly maintained according to the car producer’s schedule. Maintenance is done at certified car service points applying only original parts and consumables. Due to this, the rented premium car will be comfortable, safety and really reliable both in the streets of the capital and in off-road outside the city.

The service price depends on the model and brand of the car, the term and conditions of hire. We offer an hourly rate and three price categories for rental car daily use. You can hire a premium car with a deposit or on bail-free terms with full coverage by “Super Insurance”.

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