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VIP Class


Mercedes-Benz S-class W222 S63 AMG 4matik

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $299from $279from $259
20125500 сс Automatic


Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class

rent only with our driver
from $75/hour
20196200 cc Automatic


Rolls-royce Phantom

rent only with our driver
from $250/hour
20116000 сс Automatic


Aston Martin Rapide V12 6.0

rent only with our driver
from $150/hour
20126000 сс Automatic


Mercedes-Benz S 560 AMG W222

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $299from $279from $249
20195500 сс Automatic


Mercedes-Benz S600 W221

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $149from $129from $99
20126000 сс Automatic

VIP car

VIP car rental can be both hourly as a premium taxi service, and long-term for the transport service of important persons. Such executive cars are used for moving around Kiev and for long-distance intercity trips. Comfortable salon will make such trip tireless and safety.

VIP car rental with driver

People who are used to no one to depend on even in the driving their own transport, can rent a VIP car without a driver. However, this is rather an exception for high status persons. In most cases, luxury cars are hired with a driver’s service.

At “Rent Drive Kyiv” you can rent a VIP car with an experienced professional driver. Knowledge of the current situation on the roads in Kiev and scheme of the city streets, many years of accident-free driving elite cars and the high European service – the main advantages of our driving staff.

VIP car rental booking

We have minimized all paperwork so that you can use the rental car as soon as possible. Signing up for a VIP car rental takes a few minutes. If you do not want to use the services of our professional drivers, you need to show the drivers’ licenses of the persons who will drive the car. In addition, to rent a VIP car, you will need to make a deposit for the appropriate brand, model and class of vehicle.

Our company offers a rental VIP car without bail as an alternative. You need to get full coverage “Super-Insurance” for that. It is much more profitable than bail, because the cost of full coverage is much lower than the deposit. However, such an insurance fee is not refundable, even if the car is returned in perfect condition. It is profitable if you rent a VIP car without a chauffeur and are going to drive it yourself, but are not sure about your driving skills of this class.

Our fleet and car technical condition

The most popular brands and models of VIP class cars are available in our fleet:

  • classic Mercedes;
  • elite Bentley;
  • executive Maybach;
  • James Bond’s favorite is the Aston Martin.

All of our luxury cars are in perfect technical condition. Except for rare models, the maximum operating lifetime of our vehicles does not exceed 10 years. Cars are maintained regularly according to the producer’s schedule.

Cars are maintained only by certified service points. Only original spare parts, lubricants and consumables are used during the maintenance.

Due to this, rented VIP car is perfectly in driving on any roads, whether it is urban streets of a metropolis, highways or country off-roads.

Pricing and hire options

VIP car rental fee depends on the brand, model, year of production and cabin comfort class. The price depends on rental period, which can be hourly, daily and long-term.

Daily price for long-term hire for more than a month is about twice cheaper than short-term VIP car rental. We offer three price categories of daily hire depending on the term: 1-3, 4-14 and 15-25 days.

Even if you booked a hire without a driver, we will give you a rented VIP car of the chosen brand and model to the specified address in the agreed time.

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