Hourly and daily Bentley rental in “Business Car Rent” company is a chance to touch the luxury of the legendary British premium-class car and feel the full comfort of the cabin, which has no plastic and cheap textiles. Hourly renting a Bentley is:

  • elite transfer for VIP persons;
  • a successful businessman’s image for people who come to the capital on a business trip;
  • a luxurious wedding car;
  • background for a photo session.

Luxury Bentley car rentals are used by VIPs for their transport needs when they arrive in the Kiev with a business or private visit, as well as ordinary people for weddings or during a photo session.

Bentley rental with driver

We offer not only a Bentley rental, but also chauffeur services. Many years of accident-free driving on loaded streets of the city, the European service and punctuality are the main advantages of our drivers.

Elite Bentley rental with driver can be an alternative to VIP taxi. By booking this service, you can be sure the luxury car is ready to operate on your demand.

Bentley daily rental without driver

A Premium car rental without a driver is useful if your car of the same class suddenly breaks down or crashes. Having rented Bentley without a driver, you can keep your mobility in usual comfort level and prestige of such car.

In a business community, a successful person’s image and prestige are often important in everything, whether it is a suits, accessory or car. Bentley’s charisma, glamour and luxury are exactly gives businessman’s image a high status.

Arriving in Kiev for business or private trip, you can rent a Bentley Continental for the duration of your visit to the capital, whether it’s a few hours, a couple of days or a longer than a month. Due this service you don’t have to use a taxi or rent a car which is not worthy of your status level.

Bentley for wedding and photo session

The chic exterior and the luxurious cabin, which has been finished with 10 m² of the best natural leather and rare woods, are ideal characteristics for a wedding car. You can use a rented Bentley for transporting newlyweds on their wedding or hire such car for an original photo session.

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