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Business class

Hourly, daily or long-term business class car rental is a good and relatively inexpensive way to provide businessmen with their business mobility during working or personal trips to Kiev.

Business class car rental – high status, comfort and safety

Punctuality during meetings with partners and the businessman’s prestige are very important in the commercial community. Business car hire at “Business Car Rent” allows you to keep your high status during a business trip without having to deliver your own vehicle to the capital.

We recommend rent a business class car without a driver, if you are a businessman who is used to managing his life independently of others, as well as driving his own personal car.

This will allow you to get everywhere in time and not to depend on anyone, while always being in comfort and safety while moving around the city.

Business Class car rental is a great way to stay on the go if your personal vehicle suddenly breaks down, is injured in a traffic accident or is evacuated. The rental period can range from a couple of hours to several months depending on your needs and the duration of your own vehicle repair.

Business class car rental is a VIP taxi and comfortable transfer

Luxury car hire is actual not only for businessmen who want to move around the city with comfort at the wheel of a prestigious car.

VIP transfers to and from the airport can be realized with a rented business class car. It is not only comfortable, safety and punctual, but also prestigious.

Booking such a VIP taxi can be combined with a driver’s service. Our professional drivers are:

  • high European service;
  • many years of accident-free driving experience in luxury cars;
  • perfect knowledge of the current situation on the roads of Kiev and its suburbs.

If you are engaged in the organization of elite events and you have your own driver, who is experienced in such cars driving, you can rent a comfortable Mercedes E-class or similar cars of other brands for a VIP taxi to serve important persons. Such rent-a-car will provide to VIP guests transfer with comfort and without delays.

Our fleet and vehicle technical condition

“Business Car Rent” fleet includes a wide range of models of all the most popular premium car brands. Among the available to long-term and hourly rental business class cars:

  • German Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen;
  • Japanese Toyota and Honda;
  • Swedish convertible Volvo.

The most cars are only 1-3 years old. Operating life of other cars does not exceed 10 years. Every car has full scheduled maintenance at certified service points. Only original consumables, lubricants and spare parts are used during the maintenance process. Due to this every our rented business class car is flawless on any road, whether it is small loaded streets of a city or intercity highways.

Cabin of every vehicle is perfectly clean. We use only the cleaning agents specified by the manufacturer for regular cleaning of seat upholstery and other surfaces. Due to this, natural leather, upholstery textiles and decorative accessories of expensive types of wood can be kept in their original form.

Rental rates and pricing

Rental price of a business car depends on the brand, model, year of production and comfort class. The usage period of the hired car also influences the rental price per day. Hourly luxury car rental is the most expensive. Prices start from 15 USD per hour in this category. Long-term car rental, when the car is hired for a month or more, is the cheapest.

Long-term rentals can be twice as cheap as short-term hire, converted to the price per day. In addition to hourly and long-term rentals, we offer three price categories of daily hire depending on the term: 1-3, 4-14 and 15-25 days. In contrast to own corporate car, the rented vehicle does not require any difficult accounting calculations of fuel usage, depreciation, etc. You can easily and inexpensively cover your corporate needs for transport services of high comfort level with a business class car rental.

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