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Make: Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz G63AMG 5.5 BiTurbo 2017 Hrafit

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $399from $349from $299
20175500 cc Automatic


Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $599from $499from $399
20196200 cc Automatic


Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2017

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $189from $169from $149
20172500 cc Automatic


Mercedes-Benz Viano 4matik 2013

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $129from $109from $89
20133000 cc Automatic



Days quantityrent with driver only
Pricefrom 32$/hour
20153000 cc Automatic


Mercedes Viano White

Days quantityrent with  driver only
Pricefrom 17$/hour
20143000 cc Automatic


Mercedes-Benz S 560 AMG W222 2018

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $319from $299from $269
20185500 см.куб Automatic


Mercedes-Benz S-class W222

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $299from $279from $249
20164700 сс Automatic


Mercedes-Benz S600 W221 2012

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $229from $209from $179
20126000 сс Automatic


Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 GUARD B6/B7

Days quantity1-3
Pricefrom $500
20046000 cc Manual


Daily Mercedes rental at “Business Car Rent” company is useful for businessmen who are visiting Kiev on a business trip or a private short visit. If you usually use comfortable and safety business class cars, you don’t have to change your preferences when you visit the capital. You can rent a luxury Mercedes for a day, a week or a month. It will be much more comfortable than using a premium taxi.

Mercedes hire with driver

Executive car rental with chauffeur service is more suitable analogue of VIP taxi. Hourly or daily Mercedes rental with professional driver will be suitable for:

  • VIPs transfer from and to Kiev airports;
  • transport services for business-partners who arrive to you for a business visit;
  • wedding cortege;
  • discharge from the maternity hospital of a mother with a newborn baby;
  • spectacular photo and videos shootings.

Hourly hire of an executive Mercedes with a driver is also used by guests of high society events, when you must to arrive at the celebration in the respective car. The chauffeur’s services allow you to get home comfortably and safely if a glass of champagne you have drunk does not allow you to drive yourself.

A successful man’s image is very important in a business world. It is necessary to keep the appropriate image when meeting with serious businessmen. When you arrive in the capital to such negotiate from another city, you will definitely need an elite car. Mercedes S-Class or Gelandewagen rentals will help to keep the necessary image.

If you are perfectly driving such class cars and are used to driving yourself, we recommend renting a luxurious Mercedes without a chauffeur. It will be not only cheaper, but also more comfortable. You do not depend on anyone and can plan your day without looking at the work shift of the driving staff.

Mercedes minibuses and minivans

A comfortable Sprinter rental for 11 seats or a Viano minivan for 7 passengers is a good way to organize a transfer for a small group of VIPs or a city tour for them. Mercedes minibuses can be rented with or without a driver if you have experienced chauffeurs with appropriate driver’s license.

You can hire a Mercedes minibus for a few hours or a full day for your wedding or any other events. All our Mercedes minibuses and minivans have very comfortable cabins, worthy of VIPs. Comfortable seats are upholstered in natural leather. The cabin is equipped with climate system, audio and video equipment, as well as speakerphone for guided tours.

Corporate hire of Mercedes

Using a rented executive-class passenger car you can easily and inexpensively cover the need for transportation services to your foreign or non-resident business-partners. But if you need to transport more than four people, we recommend renting a high-class minibus.

Corporate hire of a car or a minivan Mercedes will help to avoid serious investment for buying such expensive cars and its maintenance. In addition, accounting for business class car rentals payments is much easier than complicated depreciation and fuel usage calculations. Mercedes cars or minibuses rentals with or without a driver are booked in enterprise accounting as third-party services.

Mercedes rental for wedding or for discharge from maternity hospital

The wedding celebration should be organized in an atmosphere of rich decoration and a grand banquet. It is not for nothing the guests drop coins and sweets on the newlyweds, wishing them a sweet and rich life, one of the embodiments of it can be called an elite Mercedes. Hourly rental of a luxury S-class Mercedes car is an affordable service that allows newlyweds with any budget to organize a chic cortege at their wedding.

Like the birth of a new family, the life of a newborn after discharge from the maternity hospital should begin in a luxurious atmosphere. Young dads often use executive Mercedes rentals to meet their wives and newborns after discharge. You can rent such a comfortable car for a couple of hours. It will be enough to take a young mother and child home with luxury and comfort.

Photo sessions and video shootings

Rented Gelandewagen or S-class sedan will be the original background for a spectacular photo session or shooting a wedding, advertising or presentation video. We offer favorable prices and attractive conditions for hourly Mercedes rent for video and photo shootings in Kiev and its suburbs.

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