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Harley Davidson

Hourly, daily or long-term Harley Davidson rental for a month or longer is a dream come true for any biker or fan of the legendary American premium motorbike brand. This type of hire is suitable for:

  • motorcycle rides in and out of the city;
  • an urgent transfer bypassing traffic jams;
  • long travels;
  • photo sessions.

At “Business Car Rent” you can hire Harley Davidson to ride on the Kiev streets or take your beloved lady to a romantic date.

Harley Davidson daily rental for travel and leisure

You can also rent a motorcycle for a long trip alone or with your loved one, friend or child. The motorbikes of this iconic brand are notable not only for their famous design and style, but also for their high reliability during long trips.

Rented Harley Davidson will be a safe and reliable vehicle for you and your passenger if you use the protective equipment and follow the traffic rules. Such a bike will not let you down at the most inappropriate moment somewhere in the middle of empty road. You can rent Harley Davidson for any term without insurance with a bail or without deposit with full coverage.

Harley Davidson hourly rental with driver is a transfer and rapid taxi service

The way to Kiev from the airport or back is often overloaded and cars stay in traffic jams for a long time. This can lead to late on a flights or important meetings. By renting a Harley Davidson elite motorbike with a driver at “Business Car Rent” company, you will be able to easily overcome all jams and road parts with difficult traffic. It is not only rapid and convenient, but also prestigious, because Harley Davidson is a luxury brand.

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