Armored class

Short- or long-term rental of an armored executive car is a reasonable way to ensure not only comfort and prestige of VIP passengers, but also their security.

Bulletproof glass, doors and wheels will allow you to securely transport any important person who requires special security measures.

Luxury armored car daily rental

The relocation inside the metropolis and out-of-town trips of top executives of large companies or political figures involve the risk of life attempts by their competitors or opponents.

Armored cars of the appropriate comfort standard are used to relocate them in the capital or outside of it.

Even the most peaceful show business stars, millionaires, politicians and any other public person can be victims of attacks by mentally sick people at any moment.

Daily rental of an armored car will help to reduce this risk during long-distance travel, where a crazy shooter may be waiting on uninhabited roads.

You can hire such an armored car both for a couple of days and a few months for a long trip to Ukrainian and foreign cities. Long-term rentals are about twice as cheap as one day’s rent for 24 hours.

Hourly rental armored car

Airport transfer of important people from your company’s top-management or top business partners require special security measures. Hourly rental of an armored luxury car you can solve such problems easily as soon as possible.

Armored VIP taxi is popular in Kiev due to:

  • punctuality of vehicle’s arrival;
  • reliable bulletproof car protection;
  • comfortable luxury cabin;
  • European service level.

If you suddenly need an armored executive class vehicle, “Business Car Rent” is ready to give it to you at specified address at agreed time.

Our fleet

We offer to rent ones of the most popular models of armored luxury cars:

  • executive Mercedes-Benz S600;
  • SUV Gelandewagen (Mercedes-Benz G-class);
  • 7-series BMW.

Our cars are in great technical condition and are regularly maintained according to the schedule. You can rent an armored car with or without driver.

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