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Mercedes-Benz S560 AMG Coupe

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $499from $449from 399
5500 сс Automatic


Audi RS Q3 blue

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $199from $169from $129
2000 cc Automatic

Cessna XLS+

Кол-во дней1-34-1415-25
Ценаот $от $от $

Cessna Bravo

Кол-во дней1-34-1415-25
Ценаот $от $от $


Кол-во дней1-34-1415-25
Ценаот $от $от $

Gulfstream G200

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $from $from $

Beechcraft Premier 1A

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $from $from $

$2 600

Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK117

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $from $from $

$1 000

Textron Bell 407 GX

Days quantity1-34-1415-25
Pricefrom $from $from $

Rent a car without driver

Daily, hourly or long-term rent a car without a driver is a great way to be always mobile and independent from taxi drivers with their workload, unreasonable tariffs and not always clean cabins.

Comfortable, safety, personal premium car is not a luxury or just vehicle, it is a modern attribute of a businessman in a large metropolis.

Car rental service without a driver is over a hundred years old. The first car was commercially rented in 1916 in the USA. During a century this service has grown to be one of the most widespread and demanded in the world.

Executive or business class cars for businessmen, family minivan or SUV for the group of friends – all these are available in Kiev in “Business Car Rent” now.

Who needs to hire a car without a driver?

A rented car is personal to you during hire and can be used for any transport tasks related to business activities, family life or entertainment. Self-driver hiring a car is a great chance to get everywhere in time and not skip anything for everyone:

  • tourists from other cities;
  • a group of friends or family to take a country trip for a vacation;
  • businessmen on a business trip;
  • organizers of the VIP guests’ meeting at the airport.

A spacious self-driver rental car without a driver will help the whole family or a small group of friends to go on a picnic in the country or to vacation in another city. A large SUV can help you move your personal belongings easily, and a minivan can take up to 8 friends.

Hourly rental car without driver – VIP transfer and individual vehicle

Your business partners’ transfer can be organized with a rented VIP car without a driver. If you have a driver’s license and driving experience of such a car class, you can pick up your guests from Kiev airport yourself or take them there with comfort.

Businessmen, who came to the capital with a business visit, can solve the problem of their own moving around the city by hourly self-driver renting a car.

This is a little more expensive than a taxi, but the comfort, rapidity and reputation of executive class cars will more than cover the small overpayment.

Driverless car rental for those temporarily left without their own vehicles

By using a car rental without a driver, you will be able to move always and everywhere, even if your own car:

  • is suddenly broken down and needs long-term repair;
  • has been evacuated;
  • has been damaged in an auto accident.

All these are ordinary life cases encountered by almost every vehicle driver who lives in a large metropolis. We are ready to help in this difficult moment. We will do everything to help you comfortably move around the city at the wheel of our rented car without a driver.

How to rent a car?

It takes a minimum of time and effort to complete the lease. A rental car with a full fuel tank will be delivered to you at a specified time and place. Submit a request on our website. We will contact you immediately to offer a suitable car according to your preferred class, brand, capacity and cost. In our fleet:

  • executive and business class cars;
  • convertibles and cars for photo shooting;
  • SUVs;
  • minivans.

Hire service does not require the provision of additional documents, certificates, etc. In “Business Car Rent” it is also possible to hire a car without a deposit. This simplifies the rental process if you suddenly find yourself without a car or come to the city on a business trip. Payment can be made by any way:

  • in cash;
  • by credit card;
  • by cashless payment.

If the hire is issued to your company, we give a full package of documents necessary for the accounting of the enterprise.

Insurance and safety guarantees

All rental cars, whether without or with a driver, are insured. Each car is serviced on a scheduled basis with regular replacement of worn-out parts and consumables. Only original consumables and spare parts are used during maintenance. If you rent our car without a driver, you can be sure that the vehicle is perfect and safe.

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